Frequently Asked Questions

What is i'm TALL

i'm TALL is an Internet specialty mall -- it's like the malls in your town, except that it only exists on the Internet.

Does it have an actual physical address? What city is it located in?

Unlike your local malls, i'm TALL does not have a physical location that you can visit. This website exists only on the Internet, but our company is headquartered in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Who do I actually buy from?

When you visit one of our merchants, you shop directly with that merchant. i'm TALL does not stock or sell any merchandise, and is not involved with your transaction.

Why should I visit i'm TALL

Because we can help you save both time and money on tall fashions and larger size footwear. You save time by finding the tall stores you really want to shop, all at one place. And you save money because you can quickly compare prices at multiple merchants, without having to jump all over the Internet to different search engines and websites. Plus, in addition to the well known stores at i'm TALL, we have included specialty boutiques that help to round out your shopping experience. And, we're the owners of several very successful other award winning Internet malls. We've had millions of visitors access our websites, and we specialize in improving the shopping experience of the most important customer on the Internet -- you.